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Intertraffic 18

Intertraffic 2018

ParkScience attended the premier event for parking and traffic nerds in Amsterdam in April – braving 5-degree weather to see where the industry is headed. It is a massive event with almost 900 companies from 49 countries exhibiting, and over the four event days a record of 32,317 visitors from 138 countries worldwide attended. Over 75% of attendees were international visitors.

All major suppliers were represented, however the highlights were the introduction of ITSUP – a separate hall for start-ups to show their wares and a common thread through the parking presentations of the continued movement away from complex (and capex heavy) proprietary based systems to the use of cloud technology to provide interconnected capability to cars, carparks, smart devices,  infrastructure and other property assets.

An example of this is ASURA, which provides a cloud based LPR solution that does not rely on proprietary cameras. It integrates with most IP cameras and avoids the cost of multiple licenses. It has been developed by a software company – not a (hardware) camera company. ASURA claim a 35% cost reduction on a 6 camera system with larger savings as the cameras increase.

A brief overview of the system can be seen at

Content created May 2018