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Manly Oval Car Park

Manly Oval In 2014 in my role as CEO of Wilson Parking I examined a number of expert reports provided by Manly Council on selling the Whistler Street car park (342 bays in the centre of Manly CBD) to a developer and having a third party build a 760 bay car park under Manly Oval – some 200 metres away from Whistler St and the CBD. Within 30 minutes I had come to the conclusion it was not an economic proposition and one that Wilson or any other operator would look to undertake.

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Multi Storey Magic

Multi Storey Magic The owner of a 570 car park commissioned us to provide financial modelling and advice on a lease he was about to renew. Unfortunately there was no financial information available on the carparks trade, so we examined the performance of nearby sites, looked at what was occurring and was likely to occur in the immediate area and applied all this to understand the level of profitability in current terms and also what this was likely to look like over the new seven year lease term.

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