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About ParkScience

Craig Smith founded ParkScience with the aim of providing unique high level advice and insights to property owners and businesses based on his 28 years of experience operating hundreds of car parks over two continents, which has included airports and shopping centres to large multi level commercial car parks. Craig's unparalleled expertise combines the analytical, commercial and technological aspects of parking as well as the behavioural science side - why people park, how long will they park and why can two car parks side by side can have entirely different yields per bay.

"No version of the system ever quite withstood the test of additional refined observations" - Thomas Kuhn

Over 28 years the business of parking has changed immeasurably - from a cash only business relying on staff to transact to an e commerce platform that should be automated and connected through the cloud. Today information and data are king. In the next 10 years the model will need to further evolve to cater for the interoperability between customers, vehicles and infrastructure and by embracing the move towards autonomous and driverless vehicles.

This level of experience, expertise and knowledge has previously been closely guarded by the operators - it is now available to key clients through ParkScience.