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Revenue Maximisation

Revenue Maximisation

how to increase yields

When astutely implemented, increasing capacity or parking rates are two ways of improving your assets revenues. However there are a number of more sophisticated methods that can be utilised depending on the profile of the site and its customers.

Parking is a dynamic business - and the profile of a site and its customer base can change very rapidly as a result of external factors including tenancy movements in the immediate area, competitor strategies and physical changes to the surrounding road network.

The use of integrated access control systems with clear reporting (management and statistics) and audit functions are essential in controlling your asset.Specialist knowledge is required to interpret this data accuarately, know what action to take and understand the complex dynamics of the parking industry.

Once all of these elements are reviewed, ParkScience can develop a strategy for your asset that, when applied that should create significant improvement in the car parks performance - whether in financial terms, greater useage or both.