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The dynamic nature of parking

A passion for parking

Craig Smith has an extraordinary depth of knowledge about the economics and management of car parking. His experience has been accumulated over thirty years in the business, including ten years as CEO of Wilson Parking. Growth, innovation and detailed analysis form the basic principles of his successful approach to all things car parking.

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Revenue Maximisation

Revenue Maximisation

how to increase yields

When astutely implemented increasing capacity or parking rates are two ways of improving your assets revenues. However there are a number of more sophisticated methods that can be utilised depending on the profile of the site and its customers. Parking is a dynamic business - and the profile of a site and its customer base can change very rapidly.

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Car Park and Portfolio Analysis

Asset Portfolio Analysis

customers and technology

What you as an asset owner want from your car park will open the door to the options available to achieve these goals. Analysis is done on a site by site level breaking down the business into each product that is offered to customers, how it is priced, where they park within the car park and the technology that provides them with access.

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Commercial Negotiation

getting the structure right

Operating agreements for car parks are unique and not for standardised office leases. The agreement is more than a rent or a management fee. It needs to cover all the operational aspects of an evolving business and provide you with all the information required to make sure you can easily oversee tenure that will be between 3 and 5 years.

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Commercial Negotiations

Parking: Forward to 2030

future proof your asset

The advent of cheap and reliable data transfer has been the catalyst for technology driven change. The only certainty is data transfer will continue to get quicker and cheaper. This will challenge the traditional providers of access control equipment who are using platforms that are expensive to install, maintain and rely on restrictive proprietary software.

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Parking solutions for a busy city

Making space profitable

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